Rebranding GRAUC

GRAUC Logo Form

We chose a mark that feels strong yet fresh. The ame connects with a classic education symbol, speaking of light, wisdom, discovery, and blazing a trail. The forward leaning letters speak of moving forward, and the connected RA speak of doing this together (this particular element owed naturally during font exploration and we decided to embrace it).

As you can see, the G can optionally stand alone, for versatile use on pins, awards (lamp of knowledge) or any other place you may wish to have a singular icon.

GRAUC Colors

Our original color recommendation was more of a true blue and yellow, but it ended up too close to RCTC’s colors. It was determined to avoid a color scheme which could be too closely associated with any one particular higher ed institution.

GRAUC used teal tones in the early days of existence. The darker teal stands for strength while the bright teal will be used for accent through out the new website and future branding materials.

Check out brand reveal presentation (pdf)