From current GRAUC Board Chair, John Wade

Our greatest asset and competitive advantage is access to a qualified workforce.  The demand for an effective workforce pipeline fueled with college and career ready individuals is imminent.  If this region is to be positioned as the premier destination medical community and support diverse economy, attracting and developing qualified talent is one of our most challenging and important tasks.

Greater Rochester Advocates for Universities and Colleges (GRAUC) has never been more important!  GRAUC serves as a catalyst for collaboration, coordination and alignment across ll higher education providers.  We are the leading advocacy consortium for promoting innovative practices and leveraging higher education resources to best serve students, employers and the greater community.  Our 30-years of impact illustrates that GRAUC is best suited to listen to workforce needs, advocate effectively and secure operative solutions. 

GRAUC is recognized by the city of Rochester and Olmsted County as their official Higher Educational Advocacy Arm.

GRAUC serves as a catalyst for collaboration, coordination and alignment across all higher education providers.

GRAUC continues to adjust our focus and actions to best utilize our talent to advocate for the most critical and emerging workforce needs.  During this year we intend to address the following opportunities:

  1. Solicit updates on workforce needs from area employers.
  2. Identify the top occupational area needs and develop strategies to fuel the workforce pipeline effectively.
  3. Respond to the strategic needs of public and private higher education institutions and other education and training providers. 

GRAUC will also continue to expand our scope of advocacy by ensuring we have strong regional and diverse board representation, seeking alternative funding and securing the capital bonding dollars necessary to address facility infrastructure needs and delivery of high quality education and training.  GRAUC remains a strong higher education liaison and is best positioned to advocate for higher education provider with the Rochester and southeast Minnesota legislative delegation.

GRAUC is ready to continue our legacy of impact.  Our work has never been more important.

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